How To Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer

24th April 2019

With summer looming, now is the time to turn your attention towards improving your kitchen if you have ambitions of making the room the heart of the home in time for the weather (hopefully) hotting up. The way we use our kitchens has evolved. No longer just a place for cooking and enjoying our evening...

Why A Conservatory Will Transform Your Home

15th April 2019

It’s natural, dare we say it, to eventually grow a little bored of your house. If you’ve lived there for 5, 10, 20 years, or longer, you become so accustomed to your surroundings that the enthusiasm you once had for the place can drop. How do you reinvigorate that once-held passion for home? Moving is...

Should I Buy Triple Glazing?

8th April 2019

We get a lot of window buyers asking us this question over the telephone or at our Aberdeen showroom due to the perception that triple glazed windows, amongst other things, offer the highest standard of insulation. You can understand where that widespread belief comes from as triple glazed windows have been supplied as standard in...

How Bi-Folding Doors Can Bring The Outdoors Indoors

3rd April 2019

Now that the weather is improving you can re-establish the connection you had with your garden prior to the winter months and look to make outdoor living the norm this summer. We don’t get anywhere near enough warm weather, so when the sun is beating down it’s hard to resist cracking open a few cans...

Need A Replacement Flat Roof? Bon Accord Can Fix One For You

26th March 2019

Flat roofs can be found on a lot of Scottish garages and extensions. If you have one somewhere at home and it’s a particularly old flat roof dating back to the 70s, 80s or 90s, chances are that it offers poor insulation, might have started leaking and needs replacing. Bon Accord is an experienced provider...

What Is UPVC And Why Is It So Good?

19th March 2019

Our entire product range at Bon Accord features several UPVC-crafted offerings, a building material originally developed commercially in 1935 and first used in UK window and door manufacturing during the double glazing boom of the 1980’s, a period dramatised in the current BBC comedy series ‘White Gold’. Almost 40 years on from UPVC really taking...

Do I Need To Obtain Planning Permission?

13th March 2019

This is a question that needs answering before you have a single storey, ground floor extension constructed at your house as it could otherwise prove very costly. A knowledgeable home improvement specialist like Bon Accord Glass will be able to advise you on this subject and you can also contact the planning department at your...

Why You Should Buy A Home Extension In Time For Summer

8th March 2019

Nobody expected the burst of warm weather that hit the country at the end of last month, but it was much welcomed and almost made it feel like summer had come early. It may have fast-forwarded your mind to the real arrival of summer and left you contemplating extending your home so that once it’s...

Interior Design And Furnishing Ideas For Your Extension

26th February 2019

It’s difficult to contain your excitement at the prospect of a new extension being added to your property as it provides you with an additional room to inject your personality and celebrate home living.   The two most popular forms of home extension are conservatories and orangeries and each offers unbelievable spaciousness. Their roominess needs...

What Is A Composite Door And Why Should I Buy One?

12th February 2019

Is your current front door on its last legs in terms of how it looks and how it performs? It is imperative that you get it replaced at the soonest opportunity as your entrance door is the face of your home and it should also be keeping your living space well insulated.   Bon Accord...

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