Know Your Window Styles – A Guide

28th June 2018

One thing we are not short of these days is options. From television to clothing and everything in between choice has exploded for the consumer in recent decades. This, of course, includes home improvement and today, customers have a wide range of selection opportunities when it comes altering every aspect of their living space, including...

What Is A Smart Lock? And Should You Consider One?

4th June 2018

In this digital age it appears everything is getting the “smart” treatment. From TV’s and your car right through to fridges, there’s not an awful lot, it would appear, that can’t be made “smart”. One thing you might not have seen to much of however are “smart locks” and perhaps for good reason. Whilst we...

Why Converting Your Conservatory Into An Extension Might Just be A Good Idea

24th April 2018

Conservatories are some of the most popular home improvement projects in the UK and account for a large portion of the £43 billion we spend every year on our houses. Of course, being a restless bunch, this journey rarely ever ends and once we’re happy, invariably that’s when the process starts all over again! But...

What Exactly Is UPVC?

17th April 2018

If you’ve started to or are in the process of purchasing new windows and doors, chances are you’ve come across the 4 letters in the title of this blog. But what exactly is UPVC (or PVC)? How is it made or more importantly why does it make for great windows and doors? If we start...

Top Home Improvement Trends 2018

15th March 2018

In celebration of this year’s Home Improvement Week we have decided to take a closer look at what we see as being the big home improvement trends for 2018. With home prices continuing to rise and the cost of moving becoming more prohibitive, 2018 will undoubtedly continue to be the year of “don’t move, improve”....

What Are Composite Windows & Doors?

6th March 2018

As a window and door installer we are used to getting asked all kinds of questions. From queries about energy efficiency, durability and maintenance there’s not much we haven’t had to answer over the years. That said there is one surprising question that comes up rather frequently. So much so that it forms the topic...

Replacing Your Flat Roof? Think Polyroof

15th February 2018

Of all the components to a building or a home, the most important, quite clearly, is the roof. Sounds obvious to say but that obviousness can often lead to the roof being the least thought about or considered home improvement. Indeed, it only tends to be when things go wrong that we realise quite how...

Bon Accord Glass Awarded Top Marks For 2017 From Consumer Protection Association

6th February 2018

Home improvement specialists, Bon Accord Glass, have been awarded top marks for its performance in 2017 following an independent survey conducted with its customers. The assessment, carried out by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA), found that 98% of customers would recommend the business and 100% of participants rated them as ‘professional and courteous’. Operations Manager...

3D Visual Suite Brings Your Home Extension Project To Life

1st February 2018

Bon Accord Glass has invested in new 3D modelling software that brings home extension projects to life. We have set up a large suite at our Riverside Drive showroom, which is now open seven days a week (9am-5pm Monday to Saturday; 12-5pm Sunday). The 11ft x 6ft screen provides an authentic insight into each unique...

3 Advantages of Timber Windows and Doors

9th January 2018

If you’re currently considering a set of new windows and doors – firstly well done! – then the first place you’ll likely begin your research is on what kind of material to use. From UPVC to aluminium there are a range from which to choose, each of which carrying its own advantages. Of course, unless...

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