National Home Security Month - Is Your Home Secure Enough?

11th October 2018

Very few UK-established initiatives communicate a more important message than National Home Security Month which is to remind householders nationwide that they need to take their home security seriously. Held every October since 2013, this year’s National Home Security Month comes at a time when home burglaries are unfortunately on the rise in the UK...

Do I Need Building Regulations Approval To Add A Solid Roof?

4th October 2018

The recent development of solid roofs has been great news for those that own a poorly insulated conservatory as a solid roof can rectify this issue and make these extended spaces useable again. There’s something really special about having a conservatory host the Christmas dinner and those other special occasions in winter and a solid...

Get Fantastic Finance At Bon Accord

28th September 2018

It might seem a million miles away right now but Christmas will be here before you know it and we all know that it can be an expensive time of the year. But it shouldn’t prevent you from investing in any desired new home improvements for your property such as a set of energy efficient...

Get Yourself Up To Speed With Building Regulations

21st September 2018

Customers buying lifestyle extensions for their properties this winter not only potentially need to obtain planning permission before their conservatory or orangery can be erected, but they must additionally ensure it complies with building regulations. Planning permission is a subject we have already covered in a previous blog post and some mistakenly think that planning...

The ‘Must Knows’ When Adding A Solid Roof To Your Conservatory

14th September 2018

Many conservatories are left empty over winter, used only a storage area for the Christmas presents before the big day arrives. Why? Because they are too cold to be used for anything else. Undoubtedly the lack of extra room is an inconvenience to homeowners; replacing the current roof with a solid roof could be a...

How To Turn Your Conservatory Or Orangery Into A Living Space

7th September 2018

The crisp Autumn mornings may have just begun, but Christmas will soon creep up on us. Having family and friends around, not only in the festive period but all year round, is great, but like many are you not only struggling to fit everyone around a table but in your house? If you’re lucky enough...

Why A Composite Door Might Be For You

31st August 2018

You shouldn’t underestimate the impact a new front door can have not just on your entranceway, but the entire house. This makes replacing an old front door trickier than you may have originally imagined as the styling of the new door needs to be exactly right. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of investing in...

What Condensation Is And How You Can Eliminate It

3rd August 2018

It is starting to feel noticeably colder some mornings as we approach the end of summer and head into the autumn and winter months. This drop in temperatures early in the day may be causing a build-up of condensation on your windows and it can look rather unsightly when opening your curtains. Consistent condensation might...

4 Ways Of Winter-Proofing Your Home

17th July 2018

Though it has been one of the hottest summers in living memory, there have been the odd few colder days to remind us that autumn and winter will be here before we know it.   Before temperatures take a tumble you should check to see if your home is fully prepared for whatever winter may...

What You Need To Know About Planning Permission

3rd July 2018

Some people aren’t aware of the possibility that planning permission needs to be obtained before the building of a conservatory or orangery at their home can go ahead. It’s one of the first things we advise to any aspiring home extension buyer as commencing without planning permission can have all sorts of future implications. Bon...

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