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There is so much diversity in our housing stock, with Scots spending lockdown in everything from little quaint cottages to studio apartments, townhouses and terraces. 

Each of these house types can be turned into luxury living spaces, it just takes a bit of TLC to do it, and when better than now to get on with the job?

Potentials are there in every home, no matter what your four walls are like, as the many home Influencers on the web regularly show us. 

We keep a keen eye on the inspiration they provide all the time and have used some of their foresight to offer up some ‘Homespiration’ of our own:

Go open-plan

It seems like everyone has an open-plan layout at their home nowadays to suit their lifestyle and most of these open-plan spaces get designated as kitchen-diner-living areas. 

Is it an arrangement you could be on-board with? With a bit of remodelling, you might well be able to go open-plan in your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached and enjoy this functional and interactive setup.

Open-plan spaces have a very unique atmosphere and your prime focus should be ensuring yours is ultra-practical. Strive to make it bright and spacious too, with a cosy and private feel.

Take a moment at a window seat

Hopefully, you have somewhere in your house that you can get away from things for a few minutes, every so often. 

A reading chair next to your fireplace is perhaps where you head to in winter, but in summer, it’s much lovelier to bury your head in a book on a window seat. 

Window seats are often used at bay windows, but any window with space underneath for a bench or trunk, covered with a padded base, will do. 

Take your reading matter there when you need some alone time or just use it to gaze out the window and switch off.

Split your garden into zones

Holidays at home can be as fun as holidays abroad when you really enter into the spirit of things and go all out to recreate that holiday-feel – it’s what you make of it.

Your garden will be central to your home holidaying plans. If the capacity is there to do it, establish separate zones in the garden – one for eating outdoors, one for playing outdoors and one for unwinding outdoors. 

When those water fights in the garden break out, you won’t want to get drenched whilst tucking into some tasty al fresco fare. 

The unwinding part can be where you lay back and enjoy the sun hitting your skin or pitch up your tent at the end of the day to camp out as a family.

If you like these ideas and want more Homespiration, or have your own ideas we can help with, arrange a Private one-to-one Appointment with a Bon Accord consultant.

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