How To Incorporate A Traditional Feel In Your New Build

How To Incorporate A Traditional Feel In Your New Build

New build homes are an attraction for their freshness and how you can inject your personality into them. However, some people believe they lack charm and warmth.

The lure of a new build also often stems from the bypassing of property chains, but not all house buyers necessarily want an ultra-sleek, up-to-the-minute dwelling.

If you have an eye on purchasing a new build, what courses of action can you take to infuse it with some traditional appeal?

With Bon Accord’s visionary expertise and products, you can have it looking far removed from your run-of-the-mill new build.

Harness the gracefulness of heritage windows

Windows at traditional homes are one of their most entrancing elements, routinely intricate and boundlessly timeless. Faithfully mimic the effect with our heritage-inspired flush sash windows.

These flush sash windows have been designed to channel the aesthetics of windows from yesteryear whilst incorporating contemporary thermal performance and functionality. In your dialogue with an advisor, proffer any personalisation requirements, such as the addition of glazing bars or divided panes to further replicate classic architecture.

Your home’s facade will be hugely enhanced and the windows will cause sunlight to swamp the inside of the building, fostering an enticing atmosphere.

Grey cottage windows

Elect for an enduring colour

Colour selection is central to windows and doors managing to pull off the traditional aesthetic. Your present-day residence generally has modest, streamlined finishes such as black, cream, or white, but more traditional shades can instil a heritage undertone.

Take Chartwell Green as an example. A gentle, restrained green hue, it infuses calmness and finesse, manifesting the bewitching allure of country estates and notable manor homes.

Supplemented by a quintessential white frame, a Chartwell Green entryway will add unfailing class and distinguish the new build from everything else around.

A Chartwell Green front door

Assimilate old-world inspired details

Traditional touches can be employed in the form of ancient light fixtures, ornamented door furniture, recovered wooden beams, rustic flooring etc., each inserting personality and depth.

Consider implementing a statement chair or table in a tastefully distressed state or hanging vintage artwork, patterned wallpaper, or framed botanical prints on prominent walls. Moreover, utilise the differing textures and natural materials of stone and wood to mirror the authenticity of prestigious residences.

Any sense of impersonalism in a new build is easily overcome, it just requires some vintage layering to imbue a genuine sensation of lived-in comfort.

A floral lampshade

Embedding traditional charm goes beyond aesthetics, and extends to also ushering in an air of sentimentality and solace, and with heritage windows, ageless finishes, and vintage detailing, your new build can be left overflowing with it.

Contact us at Bon Accord to transform that new build of yours into a haven with a deep hint of traditionalism.


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