Maximising Home Views For The Summer And Beyond

Maximising Home Views For The Summer And Beyond

Because of the extent of rainfall we experience in Britain, it makes us doubly cherish any sunshine and you’d hope that there’s a decent amount of it to come this summer.

Bathed in natural light, Britain looks glorious and it brings out all the colours of the sky and grassy landscapes, as well as accentuating the views around our homes.

You are so fortunate if you have beautiful scenery in close proximity to your house and the luxury of observing it deep into the evening during these long days. There’s something very therapeutic about gazing at an attractive vista, with it known to be good for resetting the mind.

If you’re not leveraging it to the max, you’re likely to begin doing so after the integration of these enhancements and recommendations.

Feature Door

In a competition for open views, a bi-folding door would come out on top over patio doors and French doors as you can fold the different sections collectively out of the way to create a most undisturbed view.

Don’t discount the other two feature door solutions though, with both also having openings that generously unlock the indoors to the outdoors.

Glass is the overwhelming constituent in all three door types, exceeding the framework by a big percentage. Therefore, if closed, views are only very marginally compromised, and you can always specify larger-sized designs, if space permits, to increase the glazed areas.

An extension with an open bi-folding door

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

Standard window openings won’t capture abundant external scenes like floor-to-ceiling windows do, nor are they as resplendent in appearance.

They catch high volumes of natural light and copiously feed it into rooms to turn them into sprightly spaces that cannot fail to elevate your mood.

Aluminium is our endorsed material for floor-to-ceiling windows for profuse light gain and a magnified field of vision due to the exceptionally slim sightlines it offers.

Grey floor-to-ceiling type windows

Window Seat

Imagine having a cosy spot to yourself where you can stick your feet up whilst watching what’s going on outside. A window seat, often used in the space underneath a bay window, is an ideal location for this.

Usually a wood or upholstered bench, we suggest covering it in lots of soft layers so that you immediately feel at ease and comforted when you come to sit and have a quick 40 winks or read a few pages of your current book of choice.

Window seats featuring compartments within them can also double up as a storage solution if you need somewhere to place small items.

A white UPVC bay window

Additional methods of enhancing view coverage can be achieved using mirrors, certain lighting arrangements, and several other innovations in our product collections at Bon Accord. Details of this will be provided when we meet together during a design appointment. Secure your slot now.


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