Bi-Folding Doors

Our stunning range of aluminium bi-fold doors are a stylish addition to any home, creating the illusion of added space & light, giving you a home with real 'wow' factor. Our aluminium bi-folding doors are incredibly versatile, offering a wide choice of sizes, opening options & they're available in a huge range of colours, including realistic wood effect finishes. A well fitted, made-to-measure set of bi-folding doors can really transform a home, flooding the home with lights & allowing you to enjoy views over your garden all year round.

Connect the main living and working areas of your home with the outdoors...

French doors and patio doors are often used for separating off internal spaces and bi-folding doors can do exactly the same. When short on space on the inside, just ask for your new bi-folds to ‘open out’ as this way they will concertina outwards, rather than doing so inwardly and occupying valuable space when opened. The versatility of a bi-fold does allow for it to ‘open in’ too if you’re blessed with space indoors. Bi-folding doors work particularly well when put between a living room and kitchen, giving householders the luxury of being able to interchange, though you could have them leading out onto a first floor balcony.

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A bi-fold door will create one unique, open plan space

It has become trendy to enjoy open living at home and a bi-folding door installation could be the key ingredient that helps introduce it into your household. When acting as a barrier between your traditional living area and a conservatory for instance, slide them fully to one side to transform two spaces into one giant living space that offers seemingly endless room. On the occasions when you want to shut yourself off into one of these areas, you only need to push them shut and can do so in seconds.

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Bi-folding doors can be used in many different ways including conservatories...

French and patio doors are often included in conservatory designs, as are bi-folding doors, one of the most imaginative door solutions invented. Whether you go for the expansiveness provided by a traditional Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, or your property can only accommodate a compact Lean-To, bi-folding doors can be configured specifically to fit. The double opening of a French door may be too limiting for some, whereas a bi-folding door can measure 7 or 8 door leafs long in some circumstances. The effortless way they fold and glide brings a constant smile to the face and makes you want to use them as often as you can.

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Bi-folding doors look stunning surrounding by the brickwork of orangery pillars and walls

It’s almost as if bi-folding doors were tailor-made for an orangery as they work in perfect contrast to the brick-built columns and external cornice of this most stunning of structures. The trademark rectangular shape of an orangery enables anything up to a 7-pane wide bi-folding door to be integrated, giving you an astonishing opening into the garden. Just a slight push of a bi-fold causes the individual door leafs to collectively concertina in the most fashionable way imaginable so that you can exchange living environments at your own leisure. Most bi-folding doors are fitted on the widest facet of an orangery, but there are examples of more than one bi-folding door being incorporated into orangeries if desired.

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