Love Stories: Windows And Doors Edition

Love Stories: Windows And Doors Edition

At Bon Accord, we believe that February isn’t just about romance between people; it’s also about falling in love with your home all over again.

We’re excited to share some heartwarming stories of customers who have rediscovered their affection for their homes through the magic of our windows and doors.

Among those smitten with their home improvements are Mrs Geall and Marcin & Magda. Since upgrading their windows and doors, they’ve found their love for their homes reignited.

Falling in love with the new found tranquillity

Mrs Geall’s home, standing proudly for almost a century, boasts a timeless charm. However, the allure was diminished by outdated, poorly insulating windows that leaked and rattled with the wind.

In search of a solution, Mrs Geall turned to us for help, where she discovered our slimline aluminium windows. The sleek design prioritised expansive views while eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.

With the new windows in place, Mrs Geall’s home now shields her from external noise and draughts.

Mrs Geall looking out through her window

A love story through the ages

“I’ve always loved living in this house, ever since I moved in decades ago, but I’ve fallen for the place all over again because of the improvements that have been made.

Those old windows were a hassle, but with my new slimline aluminium ones, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

No more rattling in the wind or outside noise. Just peace and quiet, like it should be.”

Slimline aluminium windows

A modern love story

For Marcin & Magda, the desire for a home that reflected their contemporary tastes led them to Bon Accord’s Grey Extreme Windows & Solid Core Door collection.

With Bon Accord’s expertise and personalised service, Marcin & Magda were able to bring their vision to life.

The installation of modern grey windows and a matching door not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of their home but also significantly reduced indoor noise levels, providing a peaceful space amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Magda opening Extreme UPVC windows

From house to home

“The windows and new door have done so much for the house. We’ve never loved our home quite as much as we do now.

Before these upgrades, it felt like a house, and now it feels like our home.

Every time we walk through the door, we’re greeted by a sense of belonging that we never experienced before.”

Slimline aluminium windows

This February, let Bon Accord be your partner in rekindling the love for your home. We’re confident you’ll fall head over heels for the selection of windows and doors displayed in our showroom.


Our made-to-measure windows and doors have the potential to change your home not just on the outside, but the inside too. From the very latest energy saving windows in maintenance free UPVC to a host of replacement doors – all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your home.


Make your home warmer, quieter and more secure by fitting our very latest energy efficient replacement windows.



Our range of replacement doors offer all the advantages of low maintenance and high levels of security for total peace of mind.



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