Deck Your Windows And Doors With Festive Decorations

Windows at Christmas

Is it just us, or is everyone making even more of an effort with their decorations this year?

Scientists say that decorating for Christmas can actually make you happier, so let’s all get ready to embrace the season.

It’s not just your Christmas tree that should be going up this time of year. You can add festive touches to your windows and doors to really get your home into the spirit of Christmas.

As always, Bon Accord Glass has you covered with ideas.

Add matching wreaths to your windows

While many households in the UK add a festive wreath to their front door, there aren’t many who add them to their windows too. However, in the US, this is common.

Your home will look like it came straight out of a Hallmark Christmas film with matching wreaths, complete with satin bows, on each window and door.

Not only will your home make a stunning Christmas statement from the outside, but it will look festive from the inside too!

Christmas wreath

Let there be light

You simply can’t decorate your home for Christmas without decking it out in twinkling lights.

Add string lights around your window frames, lanterns around your doors, and candles on your windowsills for an affordable way to decorate for the festivities. 

Turn on the lights to dial up the cosiness while snuggling up with a Christmas film.

Christmas lights

Dig out the festive ornaments

We’re sure you have Christmas ornaments tucked away in the attic or in a box somewhere. 

It’s time to showcase Santa’s sleigh, Christmas angels and other festive characters. The best place for them is on your windowsills.

If you’re looking to introduce a stunning symbol of Christmas to your home, add poinsettias to your windowsills. The vibrant red colour will brighten up your space and bring Christmas cheer to your home.

Ornaments on windows

If decorating your windows and doors still leaves you questioning their aesthetic, get in touch with Bon Accord Glass for a FREE quote for new windows and doors.

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