3 Simple DIY Projects For You To Try At Home This Summer

Does the thought of doing some DIY at home fill you with despair? If it does, we can guess that you’ve either tried to do it before and it didn’t go very well, or you think that you wouldn’t do a good job of it. 

With regards to the latter, nonsense, we say! And if you have done DIY and failed, try again – practice makes perfect. 

You definitely could succeed at DIY. Just take on projects that aren’t too ambitious. 

The feeling that you will get from it going well will be exhilarating, and your home will be so much better for it. 

Let us provide you with a list of 3 DIY jobs that we know you can handle alone. 

Update your old cabinets

Areas like your bedrooms, bathroom and living room will have cabinets in them, and when they look tired, it impacts negatively on the room in question. 

The quickest fix for this is to keep the current units (if they are still in good shape) and give them a fresh lick of paint, or reface the outside of the units in a new coloured covering, whilst also updating the hardware they have. 

This alone will rejuvenate a space, and you will have to spend very little to achieve it. Holding on to your old units is also environmentally conscious.

Make a wall gallery

Faced with a blank wall in your living room? It could be filled with lots of family photographs in some fancy frames. 

Go through your camera phone and pick out some favourite snaps, either printing them off at home or done professionally. Then see if you have some frames lying around that you can tart up, or buy some cheaply. 

If buying new frames, don’t choose one type of frame. Select picture frames of different sizes, colours and shapes, before hanging them carefully on the wall. 

Create garden items with old pallets

Summer living is best enjoyed in your garden, and if the space needs some attention, working your magic on some pallets will sort that. 

You might have some sat in the garage or up in the loft that you can dust off and turn into some vertical planters. Being able to grow upwards is really useful if your garden is quite small. Another idea is to use the pallets to make a wooden bench, one that you can then fit padding to. 

People will be impressed with your ingenuity. 

Do you need to do more to your home than just DIY? Speak to Bon Accord and we can oversee the addition of products such as new windows and doors. Contact us here.

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