How To Get A More Spacious Home This Summer

Make More Space At Home

The longer you live in a house and the more your family grows, space seems to vanish and it can eventually hinder you.

It may lead you to consider extending your house with a conservatory, orangery or home extension, if possible, or you might decide to look for a bigger house.

But, are you maximising the space you already have? If not, that could be the solution to the problem and this is how to do it.


Can you remember the last time that you gave your house a proper tidying up? Life gets in the way and we often neglect to declutter. Dedicate a few days or weekends to decluttering and see the difference it makes.

Have an inspection of your wardrobes, cupboards, floors and shelves to see if there’s anything you no longer need that can be given to a charity shop or even sold via an online auction site.

Whatever’s left over, think about whether it can be stored more cleverly so that it occupies less space – using your walls may be an option.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

Homes that receive lots of natural light tend to feel roomier than those that don’t and having light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces is good for this.

What’s also good are aluminium windows as they have a slim profile, much slimmer than most window profiles, enabling a high volume of glass to be included in them.

Because the glass covers a large surface area, it automatically leads to an abundance of sunlight pouring in.

Aluminium windows

Large glazed door

Summers are made for garden living and it makes sense to have a sliding door fitted in the rear wall connecting your home to your garden so that you can access it with ease.

One of our bi-folding doors or patio doors will invite light in as they similarly have slender framework and offer a wide opening.

Even when in a closed position, vast light transference will occur, giving your interior a pleasantly spacious air.

Large glazed doors in an extension

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