3 Of The Most Effective Ways Of Increasing Your Home’s Valuation

Moving house may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but that could change in the near or long-term future, you just never know.

Oak Composite Door Cameo

Prepare for the possibility of that happening right now by enhancing your home in ways that are known to increase the value of a property. 

You will want to pocket a nice profit when selling, and also not want to wait long for someone to commit to taking your house off your hands and buying it:

To succeed on both of those fronts, in readiness for a ‘For Sale’ sign going up outside at some point, follow these three tips:

Change your front door

Your home has to make a good first impression when you’re selling it, but it won’t if your front door is in a poor condition with a worn finish, tired number plate and battered looking timber. 

Replace it for an ultra-modern UPVC, composite or timber door from Bon Accord which will give your property star-quality and also improve its security and energy efficiency. 

It’ll have people thinking “what a lovely house this is!” before they’ve even stepped inside. 

Redecorate a few rooms

If it’s some years since you last decorated your living room or dining space, it’s time that changed as your colour scheme is probably quite dated and any wallpaper might be a bit tatty.

No-one wants to see that, least of all a prospective buyer! It’ll have them saying “thanks, but no thanks!!”. 

You can make it a DIY job if you feel confident enough to redecorate on your own, or search for a local painter and decorator. 

Replace your old boiler

Your boiler system gets worked extremely hard! It has to keep all of your rooms warm and provide you with all the hot water you need. 

An old boiler will have a very low energy rating compared to the newer boiler systems you can buy, and will be costing you far more in energy bills than you would have to pay if you had a modern system. 

So get your boiler taken out and look forward to cheaper energy for the next 10 years or more. 

Make other improvements that will inject lots of value using products from the Bon Accord range, such as installing new windows, or adding on a conservatory. Get a FREE quote for them here.

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