How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

We’re patiently waiting for the weather to hot up this summer after last year’s summer broke all records.

There’s still time yet for it to be a scorcher, which would be widely welcomed by most people, but, perhaps not quite as much by those that know it will cause their conservatory to overheat.

Conservatories are great spaces to have in summer. Families with young children can set-up the inside of their conservatory as a playroom to keep them occupied over the 6-7 week holidays. You could also use it as a dining area where you can tuck into anything cooked on the barbecue.

You can’t do that though if the interior gets unbearable hot in warm weather. There are solutions to this common problem, starting with the roof…

Remove your old roof and replace it for a solid roof

Traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs are the main culprits for making this form of extension overheat. They struggle to keep the heat out and offer diminished insulation.

After obtaining permission to do so, you can have your old roof taken out and replace it with a solid roofing system.

A solid roof can be crafted for most conservatory styles and will completely change the internal feel of the building, making it consistently comfortable in all weathers.

The tiles or slates incorporated into the roof covering are weather-proof, so they won’t need any sort of maintenance and you can trust them to provide superb thermal efficiency.

Add patio, French or bi-folding doors

If there’s a section of the extension that could occupy a set of patio, French or bi-folding doors, you should have one of these door solutions integrated into it.

They will let you open out the conservatory when things get really warm and the opening provided will give you instant outdoor access.

For the biggest opening, you should opt for bi-folding doors. They can be completely folded open and shifted out of the way to let loads of fresh air come in.

Put up a set of blinds

The position of your conservatory dictates at what time of the day it receives the most amount of sunlight. To provide an example, a west-facing conservatory receives good sunlight on a bright afternoon and late into a summer evening.

There may be times when you want to shut out the sunlight. Having blinds put up that you can draw closed will stop the sun and any glare from dazzling your eyes.  


Pick blinds in a colour and pattern that complement the rest of your internal décor or set the tone with them.


Any brand new conservatory bought from Bon Accord won’t leave you red-faced and sweating in summer. Our entire conservatory range offers quality weather control. Request a copy of our Living Spaces brochure to find out more about what they have to offer.



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