Do I Need Building Regulations Approval To Add A Solid Roof?

The recent development of solid roofs has been great news for those that own a poorly insulated conservatory as a solid roof can rectify this issue and make these extended spaces useable again.

There’s something really special about having a conservatory host the Christmas dinner and those other special occasions in winter and a solid roof ensures this is possible. But in order to have one fitted to your old conservatory, it must be determined if building regulations approval is needed first.

Proceeding without building regulations approval when it’s necessary is a massive risk and one that simply isn’t worth taking!

Here’s what you need to know…

If a solid roof is taking the place of a translucent conservatory roof this causes the structure to become a permanent extension rather than a temporary one and will require building regulations approval. The move from permanent to temporary is called a “change of use” and will also require planning permission. We can say with absolute certainty that you will need to get planning permission if you had to obtain planning approval before the conservatory was originally built.  

Some solid roof suppliers sell solid roof systems that have building regulation approval; however, this doesn’t mean that a Building Control Officer definitely won’t force you to make modifications to the design to bring it in line with building rules. They could for example ask that roof vents and/or trickle vents are added to the windows.

Planning permission will also be necessary if any Permitted Development Rights that previously stood have been withdrawn. For those that don’t know, permitted development rights allow certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without the need for a planning application.

The final factor to point out is whether the current vertical frames of the conservatory can cope with the load of a solid roof. The last thing you want is for the solid roof to collapse and cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Bon Accord can get you a definitive answer to the question

In all likelihood, you will need building regulations approval and planning permission for a solid roof installation, but we will find out for certain if that’s the case. Only then will we fit one on your behalf.

Let’s begin by sitting down together and planning your route towards achieving your goal of once again owning a useable conservatory. Book an appointment today.



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