How To Make Your Windows And Doors Look Spook-tacular For Halloween

Spooktacular decorations for your home

When it comes to decorating the exterior of our homes, many of us solely focus on the Christmas season.

Christmas may be several weeks away, but there is a more imminent excuse to decorate our homes coming up: Halloween. The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner and we can all agree that everyone would benefit from a little light-hearted fun.

This year, avoid the overbearing, tacky displays and get into the spirit of Halloween with some tasteful decorations for your windows and doors.

Place an autumnal wreath on your door

Ensure your door is Halloween-ready with an autumnal wreath made from leaves in striking shades of yellow, red and orange. 

Whether you opt to make the wreath yourself, using leaves from your own garden, or skip the hassle and buy a wreath instead, it will make a stunning first impression on your home.

Autumnal wreath

Make a spooky first impression with your doorway

Why not add a fun doormat with a spooky message to make visitors smile as they enter your home? You’ll find hundreds of clever puns that range from creative and welcoming to just plain spine-chilling.

Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween and therefore should be included in your Halloween-themed entrance. Visit a pumpkin patch or your local supermarket to pick up some pumpkins for a not-so-scary Halloween display. 

You can carve pumpkins with friends for a fun Halloween activity and proudly line your entrance with the best ones.

Pumpkin patch

Hang LED lights around windows

Coloured bulbs are a great way to change the ambiance of your house exterior. Hang LED string lights around windows that are pumpkin or ghost shaped, or add lanterns with an orange glow.

If coloured or seasonal themed lights aren’t your thing, try adding standard fairy lights and tea light candles to mason jars on window sills for a rustic and magical look.

Lights around windows

If your windows and doors wouldn’t look misplaced on a haunted mansion at all times of the year, it may be time to replace them. Request a FREE QUOTE from Bon Accord.

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