How To Get A Summery Feel Into Your Property

3 ways to bring summer into your home

Things are hotting up, or at least we hope they are, as the month of June has been pretty warm and sunny, so far. 

We have everything crossed that the weather continues to be this kind to us over the summer as we’re sure you will agree that when it’s lovely and bright, it does put an extra spring in your step, and tends to make you feel happier than on a gloomy day. 

You want to capitalise on any fine summer weather by enticing it into your house as you can’t always be outside, as much as you’d like to be. 

To give your living space a summery, outdoorsy feel, just do the following:

Clean your windows

Rooms will only be well-illuminated if the glass in all of your windows is completely clean. So regularly wash them down, or pay the local window cleaner to give them a clean and leave no streaks. 

In the mornings, open your curtains as wide as they will go. If they’re on the thick side, take them down and replace them with thinner curtains or light window coverings so that minimum light is blocked out.

Does your house get too hot in the summer? Upgrade to energy efficient windows to put a stop to that.

An opened UPVC window

Install bi-folding doors

Glass is your friend when it comes to enticing light indoors, so why not look into the installation of bi-folding doors, which are almost entirely made up of glass, due to the slenderness of the aluminium frames.

Even better than that, a bi-folding door can create an unrestricted opening when fully folded open to virtually eliminate a wall, helping bring the outdoors indoors. 

With the opening of a bi-fold, it will also allow fresh air into your living space, keeping it nice and cool.

Bi-folding doors in an extension

Add some nature

Do you live in a home without a garden and also don’t have a nearby park to walk to? That’s no reason to miss out on nature. 

Buy some houseplants and dot them around the place, putting succulents, ferns, orchids on display in different spots, to add some much-needed nature to your interiors. 

We say ‘much-needed’ because the presence of houseplants can benefit your health, taking away any air pollutants to make the air around the house cleaner. They can also lower stress levels and increase happiness.

A living space with bi-folding doors

Just in time for the summer, Bon Accord has launched a Summer Savings promotion, where you can save a fortune on products like windows and bi-folding doors. Our Special Offers page has all the details of this.

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