Transform Your Home With A Cottage-Feel

Cottage look and feel

Now we have entered November, it feels like the dreary weather is never-ending. This time of year, we all depend on our homes to provide us with a cosy ambiance to lift our moods.

Why not embrace the long, dark nights and opt to bring a cottage look and feel to your home?

Despite what you might think, you don’t have to live in a quaint cottage to uphold an authentic cottage feel in your home. Even if your home is a new build, you can still add some subtle changes to increase the cosiness.

The cottage feel

When you picture the interior of a cottage, it’s easy to imagine an inviting space with a lit fire with cosy blankets at an easy reach.

To ensure your home has a cosy, cottage feel your space needs to be able to sustain a toasty temperature. This isn’t always easy during the winter months, and it’s definitely expensive without energy-efficient windows and doors.

Bon Accord’s energy-efficient windows and doors can trap heat inside your home, whether you are lucky enough to own a fire or not. You will also notice a decline in your heating bills, which is always useful in the run up to Christmas.

Cottage window

The cottage look

When you’ve achieved the feeling of warmth in your home, it’s time to turn to the aesthetics.

Social media is full of inspiration for cottagecore, a trend that can be integrated into our homes, wardrobes and Instagram feeds. The classically British style is a perfect way to add character to your home.

You will need to mix a variety of retro prints, from floral to gingham. These can be in the form of curtains and valances, wallpaper and even on knobs for drawers and coat hooks.

Add to the floral theme with lots of fresh flowers too. The wilder the better. Place jugs of peonies, lavender and geraniums around your home. 

Steer away from traditional white windows and opt for pastel-coloured windows and doors to capture the cottage look. You can also add Bon Accord’s Georgian bars to sliding sash windows and French doors for an 18th century charm.

Cottage style

While the cottage-inspired décor channels an old-fashioned, rustic charm, your windows and doors should be anything but. Bon Accord’s selection of thermal-efficient windows and doors are available in traditional styles without compromising the cottage look, complete with contemporary benefits.

Request a brochure to browse through our collection of windows and doors that will bring cosiness to your home.

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