How To Keep Yourself Healthy At Home Now And In The Future

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

There is no end in sight quite yet for the lockdown, but try not to feel down about it and instead think of the contribution you are making to saving people’s lives by staying at home. 

Being indoors so much isn’t easy for everyone though and to those of you who are finding it hard, we would encourage you to keep healthy in any way you can as that will help. 

There are loads of ways you can do that without going any further than your front drive. It’s all about sustaining a fit mind and body. 

We’ll explain exactly how it’s possible:

Have a daily to-do list and regular online chats

Time will drag if you do little or nothing, so think up tasks you can do each day, whether it involves washing your car, changing the sheets on all the beds or finally hanging up some pictures. They may seem like minor accomplishments, but you’ll feel so good for doing them.

Employ a rota system if there’s a few of you in the house and lots to do so that everyone does their bit. 

Also, keep the lines of communications open with those you currently can’t see using technology. Video-conferencing apps like Zoom are great for staying connected with others and now’s a time for talking.

Tip One

Make more of your outdoor space

Our minds and bodies need a bit of fresh air and sunshine – the Vitamin D from the sun will do you the world of good and it can help you sleep better at night. 

Break free from the indoors as much as you can when the weather lets you. Put out some garden chairs and a table where you can collectively have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

If the kids have homework to be done, they might be more inclined to complete it if you allow them to take their textbooks outside in a spot of their own.

Tip Two

Get into baking

If the recent series of Celebrity Bake Off has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can bake and it’s widely acknowledged by medical experts that baking is great for mental health and alleviating stress.

Relieve any tension within you by baking yourself happy. Get out all the kitchen utensils you need, find a few simple recipes online, raid your cupboards for ingredients and on your marks … get set … bake!

Can’t find any flour at home or in the supermarket? That’s ok. There are loads of different kinds of muffins, brownies, cookies and cakes you can make without it.

Tip three

If you have a healthy appetite for home improvements, Bon Accord is here to help. We’re offering a FREE Online Appointment Service to all customers.

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