3 Ways To Achieve A Higher Sale Price For Your Home

3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Thinking of moving to a new house this year or is it the furthest thing on your mind? Either way, it will be in your favour to enhance your home in 2020 so that when you do come to sell, it attracts a strong sale price.

Take some time to have a good look around your home. What is it lacking right now? How and where could it be improved to give it more buyer appeal? These are the sort of questions you should ask yourself.

If that leaves you none the wiser, Bon Accord can tell you from experience that any of the following three ideas will usually make a house more valuable than it currently is:

Fitting a new kitchen

Our living habits have evolved and it’s now the kitchen where most families assemble at the end of the working day, rather than the traditional sitting area.

Whereas in the past kitchens were solely used for cooking, nowadays they’re far more multi-purpose spaces.

Your current kitchen setup may not be able to cater for this sort of lifestyle, and as a result, feel quite outdated.

Look at getting a new kitchen fitted, with smart storage, fancy worktops and all the latest appliances, to add up to six per cent onto your home’s value.

The hub of the home

Add a downstairs loo

Is there always a race for the toilet amongst family members first thing in the morning? What you need is another toilet downstairs.

If you have cupboard space underneath your stairs that’s large enough, this could be converted into an extra toilet.

A downstairs loo is useful for those with young children as it avoids having to take them upstairs every few hours. It’s also handy for those drink-fuelled house parties.

Clean and convenient

Have a good tidy

It’s the simplest suggestion of all, but believe us, a spotless, tidy home won’t go unnoticed by valuers.

Clear out all that clutter, either taking it down to the local tip or donating it to a charity shop. Everything that’s left should be neatly stored away to maximise floor space and make the place pristine.

Your garden should look equally tidy. Get a garden vacuum to suck away any leaves from your lawn, trim your hedges, pull out any weeds, and give the grass a regular cut.

Tidy inside and out

Keen on a brand-new kitchen? All options are on the table at Bon Accord as we have an array of new kitchen designs, from modern to traditional. We can quote you for one here.

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