4 Ways Of Boosting The Value Of Your Home

In recent days it was announced by Halifax that UK house prices rose at their fastest monthly rate in almost two years in December but they warned that the housing market remains passive ahead of Brexit.

901 York - Modern Cottage Kitchen

Homeowners should take note of that warning and shouldn’t get overexcited as they cannot presume that the valuation of their property will rise without them making some sort of effort to improve it.

There are always areas of your home that can be enhanced, whether you’re looking to sell up or not. Make the right sort of improvements and there’s a good chance that its valuation will increase. But what kind of improvements will best do the job?

We have 4 sure-fire suggestions…

  1. Get a conservatory installed

Do you wish you had a bigger home? Increase floor space with a conservatory that integrates brilliantly with the character and aesthetics of the house to make it seem as if it was part of the original building.

There are conservatory styles to suit all house types and the addition of a conservatory should increase the value of yours by at least 5%.

It will also give you more excuse to stay in as conservatory living is so pleasurable.

  1. Replace your old windows and old front door

You want your home to make a good first impression on people but that’s unlikely to happen if your existing windows and front door have seen better days.

Whether they’ve started to rot, are finished in a dated colour or require endless maintenance, replace them with modern equivalents that look the part and perform to the very highest standard.

Once they’re installed, they’ll leave guests green with envy wishing your home was theirs.

  1. Cook up a new-look kitchen

The kitchen has overtaken the living room as the chief spot for families getting together and catching up on one another’s daily events – it’s no longer a place solely used for cooking and eating.

Investing in a completely new kitchen will be expensive, so if you can’t afford to do that just enhance your current kitchen by adding a new set of work surfaces or buying a few new appliances.

A brand new on-trend colour scheme will also give you a more fashionable kitchen.

  1. Tidy up your garden/s

A garden is always a big selling-point for buyers so you shouldn’t allow your front or rear garden to become overgrown and generally unpleasant to look at.

Remove any rubbish from your lawn, pull out any weeds, cut the grass any opportunity you get in spring/summer and plant a few flowers to give your garden some colour.

Your efforts will go noticed and you’d be surprised how much value there is in simply getting your fingers green.


Rather than go it alone to improve things, employ Bon Accord as your very able assistant, one of Scotland’s best home improvement specialists. Book an appointment to discuss your options.








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