Thinking Of A New Orangery? Not Sure Which Will Best Suit Your Home?

Whether your home is traditional, a 1970s build or a 2019 modern new build, the addition of an orangery will be perfect for your home!

So, what is an orangery?

We first saw orangeries in Italy many years ago! The Mediterranean elegant structure was then used to grow citrus fruits and exotic plants. 

Seen by the world, they have become increasingly popular around the world as an elegant living space, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors and views of their garden but from the comfort of inside their home.

In the UK, especially, we see orangeries including large volumes of brickwork, long glazed sections, elegant columns and lantern roof panels to allow more natural light in. 

The added brickwork of orangeries gives the feel of the orangery being an extension of the home, as opposed to a home extension made from different materials that feel like an add on and separate to the home.

What style would suit your home best?

The important thing to consider when choosing an orangery for your home is what architecture style your current home is and how you want the orangery to look.

With orangeries, you must look into brickwork, colour finish and the additions you’d prefer, such as door styles. 

Doors can change the look and feel of an orangery, for example, the more modern homes generally suit bi-bolding doors but traditional, periodic or country homes are more likely to suit a french door.

The three main materials we recommend for an orangery are:

UPVC – popular with more modern homes, the look and feel of UPVC matches the materials and look of windows and doors found on modern homes.

Aluminium – the most flexible and changeable material of the materials we use, Aluminium can be changed and adapted to fit any shape or design desired – perfect for an older home with lines not as straight as modern homes.

Heritage – this material gives the feel of tradition but with the security and energy efficiency aspects of UPVC. It allows you to ensure you don’t ruin the aesthetics of the home whilst still benefiting from modern technology.

Personal preference is definitely something to take into consideration when choosing an orangery for your home.  


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