Are you going to need planning permission to create your dream home?

If you’re looking to extend or amend your home, then this must be a really exciting time for you!

Although it’s important to look forward to your future home improvement journey, it’s also important to remember that you may need to consider planning permission and whether you’ll need it.

Here at Bon Accord, we offer FREE planning permission advice to assist you, but there is also the option to contact the planning department of your local authority for advice and direction.

When considering your home improvement plan, there are a set of questions that can assist in helping you establish whether you may need to apply for planning permission or not:

  • Is your house located in a conservation area?
  • Will any part of the extension be forward of a wall forming part of the principal elevation or side elevation, where that elevation fronts a road?
  • Will any part of the extension be within one metre of the boundary of the curtilage of the house and will it extend beyond the line of the wall forming part of the rear elevation that is nearest to that boundary by more than 3 metres in the case of a terraced house or 4 metres in any other case?
  • Will the eaves height of the extension surpass 3 metres?
  • Will the height of any part of the extension surpass 4 metres?
  • Will the area of ground covered by the extended house be more than twice the area of ground covered by the original house?
  • Will the area of ground covered by the extended house within the front and rear curtilage of the house (excluding the original house and any hard surface or decking area) exceed 50% of the area of the front or rear curtilage respectively (again, excluding the ground area of the original house and any hard surface or decking)?

When answering these questions, if you answer “yes” to any of them, then a planning application is more than likely going to be needed to be submitted. However, if you answer “no” to all of them, then you may be able to proceed with the installation without applying for planning permission.

Although these questions are a great guide to planning permission, we recommend you either get advice from us or your local authority.

Why not contact us today about planning permission in your area and have peace of mind you’re in the best hands with Bon Accord.


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