How To Bring Your Old Conservatory Up-To-Date

When was the last time you updated your conservatory interior? If a busy lifestyle (or laziness) has got in the way of you modernising its look and that lack of attention has resulted in it falling behind in the fashionable stakes, you need to get your backside into gear and do all you can to make it an exciting space again.  

Orangery With A Modern Interior

Don’t know where to start and completely out of touch with modern interior trends?

The team at Permaframe has its ears firmly to the ground and can tell you what colours, furniture and accessories are ‘in’ at the moment…


There are no greater authorities on colour than Dulux and Pantone.

Just prior to the end of last year, the paint experts at both companies unveiled their ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2019 with Dulux opting for Spiced Honey and Pantone preferring Living Coral.

Spiced Honey and Living Coral have been respectively described as a “warm amber tone” and “peachy orange shade”.

Because they’re such leaders when it comes to colour, straight after their announcements were made countless producers of fabrics and soft furnishings began creating items for interiors in both of these appealing colours.

You therefore shouldn’t have any problems finding ways of injecting either or both colours into your current setup.


A significant number of people use their conservatories as lounges and places where they can wind down, and in order to do this, they need plenty of furniture, including tables, chairs and sofas.

If you could do with some new furniture, keep clear of the mass-produced stuff, and look out for handcrafted furniture instead.

Handcrafted pieces of furniture are highly valued nowadays because they have a lot more character to them than mass-produced equivalents and tend to be more unique.

On close inspection of a quality handcrafted table, chair, or sofa, you can see the lengths the creator has gone to when crafting the design.


‘Accessories’ or ‘finishing touches’, call them what you want, every conservatory, old or new, needs them.

You can define ‘accessories’ as many different things, including lighting, heating systems and plants, but we will keep our focus on blinds and curtains for the extension.

Your first job before going out and getting any blinds or curtains is to measure the windows so that the coverings fit them properly.

For the summer months, floral patterned blinds and curtains with a pink or purple tinge are a fantastic choice for making the interior feel especially bright and airy. If you’re a fan of the retro look, blinds or curtains with Geometric shapes or bold prints are what you’re after.


Our Living Spaces page will give you further inspiration for making your conservatory interior fashionable again. All of the installations you see have been supplied by Bon Accord Glass.

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