How You Can Use Colour To Revive Your Home

How to use colour to enhance your home

Spring is gradually getting closer, but for the moment, the darker days remain, with your home not receiving as much natural light as you would probably like. 

You don’t need to just rely on the sun though to establish a vibrant atmosphere inside your house as you can always use colour for the same effect. 

There are lots of ways to introduce colour and here’s a few of them for you to consider:

Colourful windows & doors

Never underestimate the power of colour! Certain colours can transform our mood, make our homes feel bigger than they actually are and make a big statement. 

Because you use it so often, your living room is an obvious place to inject colour into, which can be done with the addition of vibrantly coloured windows and doors, or maybe a fetching window treatment, like patterned curtains or bold new blinds. 

White is a little too cold for some, but red hues are much warmer (think mahogany). They would be a great colour choice for any new windows and doors, really coming into their own during the winter.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful paint

When was the last time you gave something in your house a fresh coat of paint? It could be what your feature wall, bookcase or TV stand is crying out for to come alive again. 

To uncover a suitable colour scheme, explore the colour wheel and see if there are any colours that are likely to complement each other well. In our experience, we’ve yet to see many examples of a bright blue sofa positioned close to a screaming yellow wall come off! 

You will find that colours that are adjacent to one another tend to work in perfect harmony. The adjacent colours of shades such as blue, green and cyan are a good example of this.

A kitchen area

Colourful accessories

You don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes to add some new colour. It could be as simple as accessorising your house with brand-new coloured cushions, rugs and blankets. 

They will be easy to swap for something else if you have a change of heart a few months down the line or you like the idea of switching coloured accessories every season or two.

A bedroom area

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