How Bi-Folding Doors Can Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Now that the weather is improving you can re-establish the connection you had with your garden prior to the winter months and look to make outdoor living the norm this summer. We don’t get anywhere near enough warm weather, so when the sun is beating down it’s hard to resist cracking open a few cans in the garden and putting your barbecuing skills to the test.

Orangery Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

So that you have every excuse to do just that at every opportunity you get, you could have bi-folding doors integrated into wall space at the rear of your house or within any home extension you have installed. It is a home improvement measure that will help your indoor and outdoor spaces collide and almost merge into one.

We appreciate that you can do something similar with French or patio doors, but not quite to the extent that you can with bi-folding doors as they can completely fold at one end.

Fully opened, you will be able to view your garden with zero restriction from inside, and your interior will become a part of the exterior and vice-versa.

Opening a set of bi-folding doors will be something you always look forward to. They glide and float along with barely any effort.  

Scottish householders are fast cottoning on to the brilliance of bi-folding doors and early indications suggest that bi-folds will be one of our most popular products this spring / summer.

We reckon how modern and beautiful a bi-fold looks is also a key sales driver. The aluminium frames are practically imperceptible due to the slenderness of the profile taking a backseat to the large expanses of glass. All glazing used in a Bon Accord bi-fold is energy efficient, so you will feel the sun’s warmth come through the glass even when the individual door leafs are collectively closed.


Indoors or outdoors? You will no longer have to choose between the two settings in summer as bi-folds will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time. Join the growing numbers of people buying bi-folds from Bon Accord and get a FREE quote.








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