How To Give Your Conservatory A Good Spring Clean

Cleaning the house isn’t the most fun job in the world, let’s be honest, but the beginning of spring is the ideal time to get the place looking completely spotless. 

The thought of doing it is a chore in itself, however, once it’s done, you will be really glad that you went to the effort. 

Not one room in your house should be left untouched, and this includes your conservatory, or whatever other form of home extension you have. 

Take out every cleaning product you have in your cupboards, get all cleaning instruments ready, don the marigolds, and prepare to put your back into it. 

With this kind of routine, your conservatory will look good, and smell good too.

  • Before you do anything, open any windows and doors there are in the extension to allow some fresh air to invade the space.
  • If you have rugs, throws and cushions on floors or furniture, take them outside for a good dusting down. Any covers that are washable should be thrown in the washing machine. Don’t put them back in their usual spots until you have cleaned properly. 
  • It’s inevitable that there will be marks and fingerprints on any glass or wood furniture if you have young children or pets in the house. Using a cleaning agent and cloth should get rid of them. 
  • Move outside and clean the UPVC or aluminium frames with a soft sponge soaked with soapy water to get them shining again, and try a squeegee for the glass so that no streaks are left after cleaning.
  • Only if you’re OK with heights, scale a ladder to check if there are any blockages in your guttering. Over the autumn and winter, leaves may have built up in there and they need to be removed so that there is no potential of them being in there causing water damage. 

You won’t fail to notice how much brighter the conservatory feels after your cleaning is complete, and it should have a lovely, fresh scent too. It will leave you eager to use it.

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