Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Getting A Kitchen Extension Organised

You live quite an old-fashioned home lifestyle if your traditional living room is still used as the central area in your house. Things have evolved, and it’s now the kitchen that’s the heart of many British households. 

Far from just a dining space, the modern kitchen caters for almost everything, from providing the kids with a place to do their homework to offering a lounge space for family members to unwind. 

Do you wish your kitchen was set up to give you all of this? It could if you had a kitchen extension from Bon Accord built. 

We can serve up the perfect new kitchen, and help you avoid any mistakes, like the following, during the process of designing and installing it. 

Poor lighting and not enough of it

Lighting is such an integral part of any kitchen. You need it in the right areas and for it to be well-executed. 

The places where you prep food need to be particularly well-lit i.e. sink, hob, countertops. You want strong task lighting here, which you can achieve with the integration of spotlights into the bottom of any wall cupboards. 

No contemporary kitchen can be without a kitchen island. A low-hanging pendant light will add a shine to it. Ask about skylights too for harnessing the sun’s natural light. 

A lack of work surfaces

We have so many gadgets and gizmos in our kitchens that appliances can take up an awful lot of countertop space, so you need to ensure you have enough work surfaces to dish up some tasty treats. 

It will help our design team if you inform them of how you envisage using the kitchen as they can use this info to decide exactly how much countertop space will be sufficient. This will also help identify where the work surfaces are best placed. 

Not checking if planning permission is needed

You should never proceed with a kitchen extension until you have clarified if it needs planning permission first. Non-compliance with planning laws will cause you major headaches down the line.

It may well come under Permitted Development Rights, meaning that it automatically satisfies planning laws and no submission for planning permission is necessary.

There could also be a need for Building Regulations Approval, but Bon Accord will see to all of this on your behalf so that you don’t need to stress over it. 

For a kitchen extension completely free of any mistakes, use the expertise of Bon Accord Glass. You can request a FREE quote for a kitchen extension here.

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