Should I Buy Triple Glazing?

We get a lot of window buyers asking us this question over the telephone or at our Aberdeen showroom due to the perception that triple glazed windows, amongst other things, offer the highest standard of insulation.

Triple Glazing

You can understand where that widespread belief comes from as triple glazed windows have been supplied as standard in exceptionally cold climates for many years, including most Scandinavian countries.

Whilst Scotland doesn’t get quite as cold as places like Sweden and Norway, we don’t live in the warmest of nations and unless your windows are up to the job of keeping the weather out, you’re forced to cover up indoors.

We could give you our opinion on triple glazing, but we’d much rather you can answer the question yourself as to whether it’s worth it after analysing the facts, beginning with that hot subject of insulation…


A triple glazed window doesn’t just have an extra pane of glass compared to a double glazed window. It also has an extra insulating layer of gas between the glazed sections, two of them to be precise, instead of just one. This makes a triple glazed product a better insulator.

According to research, a triple glazed window provides 60% greater thermal efficiency than a standard ‘C’ rated double glazed window too, so it’s worth paying attention to the energy rating of a window.


Triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, but the price gap is often pretty narrow. Don’t be put off by its cost as the impressive energy savings made from the installation of triple glazed windows will eventually pay off the cost of the investment – you can expect to get your money back and more.


We live in an increasingly noisy world and many window suppliers advertise triple glazing as a soundproofing measure for those sick of the noise of excess traffic disturbing home living. There is some truth to that, but it all depends on the specification of the triple glazed window.

For a triple glazed window to have the necessary effect from the perspective of soundproofing, it must have glazed panes and cavities of varied thicknesses. Exact same-sized glasses and cavities won’t have the desired effect, so it’s something you should query with your chosen supplier before your windows are designed.


You rely on your windows to keep your home secure and the extra pane of glass adds an extra layer of security. In any case, triple glazed windows are internally beaded, which means that the glass cannot be removed from outside of the house, only on the inside. They also come fitted with a multi-point lock that has been strength tested again and again prior to being affixed to the design.


If you have any more questions about triple glazing, Bon Accord is always happy to answer them. Request a callback and we’ll bring you up to speed with everything to do with it.

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