A Guide To Buying New Replacement Windows For Your Home

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

A home without any windows is just unthinkable. They do so much for us and our properties, making them an indispensible feature. 

For a start, how your home looks on the outside is very much determined by their condition, and they also protect you indoors, keep the weather out, bring the sun in, and enable you to see things going on outside. 

So you mustn’t overlook their importance, because if you do, that’s when problems can start to arise. 

If you’re already experiencing issues with your current windows, get them changed now. But, before you do, find out how to go about buying some replacements:

Get the perfect style

You want new windows to enhance your home’s appearance and not diminish it. If cautious, you could always go for a like-for-like style. 

When going through our window range, you will discover that there are many window styles, ranging from casement windows (a classic design great for most house types) to tilt and turn windows (an inventive opening makes them simple to clean and ventilate your living space). 

Base your choice on the character of the building, your neighbourhood and how you want your windows to function.

A kitchen window

Pick a window material

UPVC and aluminium are the two materials most commonly used nowadays for window manufacturing, but Bon Accord also specialise in timber window designs. 

The wide-ranging appeal of UPVC is down to its affordability and it also being very easy to maintain as it’s not a material that rots or loses its finish. 

Aluminium windows have sleek frames, which is how they’re able to accommodate so much glass, and they are coloured via a powder-coating process.

An oak coloured window

Find an experienced installer

New windows should only be bought from an installer with a proven background in creating quality products and installing to the very highest standard. You don’t want windows that don’t last or don’t perform properly. 

Get the best installer by checking out reviews of fitters in your area, reading testimonials of their work, and asking around for recommendations. 

For peace of mind, choose one with an industry accreditation. Bon Accord has several of these, proof of our expertise in everything to do with windows.

A window fitter

Our showroom has reopened recently if you would like to see our replacement windows in person, and we suggest that you do.

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