3 Steps To Take To Make A Massive Saving On Energy Bills

Some householders dread the arrival of the winter months, not because of how cold it gets, but because their energy bills hit them really hard in the pocket. 

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With most people currently working from home that will mean even pricer fuel costs for many this winter, the last thing you want at a financially and emotionally challenging time like this. 

Just a few days ago, in advance of Big Energy Saving Week (starts 18th January), a warning was made by energy experts that the annual fuel bill could rise by as much as £171 this year.

However, if you take certain steps, you will avoid this price hike:

Switch energy supplier

Staying with the same energy supplier year after year could be costing you. 

Have a look to see if you can get a cheaper tariff elsewhere via a comparison site, which will take a matter of minutes, or get a company like ‘Look After My Bills’ to do it for you for FREE. 

If you’ve never switched suppliers before, you could be rewarded with a yearly saving of £300+. And look to switch again after a year or so to make further big annual savings. 

Fit a brand-new boiler

An ageing boiler will have a very low efficiency rating compared to the very latest energy efficient boilers. Plus, it will be susceptible to breaking down more. 

We cannot deny that you need some financial clout to buy a brand-new boiler, but the long-term savings will ensure you recoup this money, and some!

You should get at least 15+ years out of a modern A-rated boiler and save around £340 every year, so this proves that the savings will really add up. 

Install energy efficient windows and doors

We’re a window and door supplier, so we’re obviously going to say that new energy efficient windows and doors will save you masses of money, but it’s not a lie.  

How significant the saving will be comes down the window and door specification e.g. whether you opt for double or triple glazing. 

Heat loss can be reduced by around 75% through the installation of new windows and doors, and it could eventually amount to a saving worth thousands of pounds. 

Orders are still being taken for new window and door installations, with FREE remote quotations provided by Bon Accord. 

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