Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Great Addition For The Summer

What’s been a difficult time for everyone has been made that little bit easier by the weather, which has been nothing short of glorious over the last few weeks. 

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Cameo

It’s allowed us to take our daily exercise without getting wet and get full use out of our garden spaces. 

The short-term forecast is very promising too and it looks like we’re in for more of the same. So lots more sunning ourselves is definitely warranted. 

It’s at a time like this you may wish you had a better opening into your garden, one that would be supplied perfectly by a bi-folding door. 

We would normally be fitting a lot of bi-folds for customers at this point and hope that we can very soon. 

It’s not hard to understand why so many customers request them for summer when you consider the various benefits they offer throughout our hottest season:

Fresh air

Temperatures have already reached upwards of 25C and who knows, temperatures might get even hotter. But the hot weather outside can cause some home interiors to feel very stuffy.

Not quite so much when you create a large opening with a bi-folding door to invite some fresh air into your living space to cool it down. This will stop you having to fan yourself.

An easy garden escape

It would be a missed opportunity not to dine outside in this sort of weather. Take your morning croissants and cup of tea onto the porch and at night, fire up the barbecue 

When fully extended open, bi-folds will provide you with a simple route to the porch and garden, with you unlikely to take a tumble as you cross the low threshold. 

Brighter living space

We use aluminium frames to craft our bi-folding doors and you won’t believe how trim they are. Their slender profile enables a vast expanse of glass to be incorporated into each door section. 

Therefore, when in a closed position and the sun is out, you get an explosion of light entering your house, leaving the respective room beautifully bright and looking a lot bigger than it actually is. 

Virtual Appointments remain available if you want to order some bi-folding doors and start designing them from home.

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