5 Great Energy Saving Tips For Big Energy Saving Week

At virtually the same time as the recent announcement that Britons are paying 40% more for their household energy in 2015, it was reported that UK homeowners may be able to look forward to cheaper energy bills in 2020. This is because the market price for gas fell by half in the last year, its lowest price for a decade.

Only time will tell if that happens to be the case, but we wouldn’t bank on it if we were you.

Due to the ever-increasing cost of energy, Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust will once again be holding Big Energy Saving Week from 20th January, where they offer householders advice and support on saving energy.

Prior to the official start of this annual initiative, Bon Accord thought it would be helpful to disclose 5 of our own easily implementable energy-saving tips you can use:

  1. Find a cheaper energy package

You will only have yourself to blame if you’re paying an excessive amount of money on your energy bills and have never switched your energy supplier.

Forget about loyalty and visit one of the many comparison sites where you can use your most recent bill to find a cheaper deal elsewhere – it’s a 5-minute job.

Fixed-rate energy tariffs often provide the best prices. They will tie you into a tariff for a fixed period (normally from one to two years) and shield you from any price rises during that time.

  1. Buy an energy efficient shower head

We each spend around 7-8 minutes in the shower and while it reputedly costs less to regularly shower than bathe, you could save money on your showering by investing in an energy efficient shower head.

It will reduce the amount of water used and therefore require less energy to heat.

You can buy aerating and non-aerating energy efficient shower heads for as little as £5.

  1. Switch off lights in empty rooms

Why would you leave a light on in a room that’s empty? It’s a waste of electricity and a waste of money.

Some people like to keep a light on when they’re out the house to create the impression that someone’s in, but it doesn’t deceive anyone, and, in any case, they should have secure windows and doors to keep out intruders.

If you have smart lights, you will be able to control your heating via a mobile device from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection, which is handy if you forget to switch a light off.

  1. Request a smart meter

While a smart meter isn’t compulsory, having one will enable you to track your energy usage and show you how much it’s costing you in pounds and pence.

It will also put an end to estimated bills and give you a more accurate bill as you will only pay for the gas and electricity you use.

Just ask your energy supplier to come and fit one, which will be done for free.

  1. Get energy efficient windows and doors

To enjoy affordable energy at home, your windows and doors need to provide a high standard of insulation. Single glazed windows and doors with a traditional timber frame won’t be doing that.

What you need is double or triple glazed windows and doors from Bon Accord. They will prevent heat loss and pay for themselves through the energy savings you will make over the years.

Put in a request for our Windows & Doors brochure to see what replacement styles we have available.









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