How To Improve Your Home Security For The Winter

This year has been a whirlwind! Can you believe that it’s October already? It won’t be too much longer until the clocks go back, and when they do, your home needs to be ready for it, in the sense that there’s an increased chance of someone breaking into it. 

Just the thought of a burglary occurring at your house probably makes you sick to the stomach, so eliminate the threat! Get your home secure now and keep thieves out. 

That’s also the message behind National Home Security Month, which has kicked-off again this October for the eighth consecutive year. 

Be smart and listen to Bon Accord’s best pieces of home security advice:

Buy a working alarm for your house

Here’s a shock statistic for you – only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. It’s unbelievable when you consider that a UK household is burgled every 106 seconds and the average burglary amounts to more than £3,000! 

You can get several forms of home burglar alarm, including a bells-only alarm, silent alarm, wireless alarm and dialler alarm, and they’re not necessarily expensive, costing just £200, in some cases. 

Any attack on your home will be instantly detected by a quality alarm, reducing the risk of it being ransacked. 

Don’t consider a dummy alarm – thieves will identify it as a dud.

Don’t leave out a spare key

It’s a huge risk when you put a spare key under a doormat or plant pot outside as one of the first things a thief will do before trying to force their way into your house is to look in such places for a key. 

If your home insurer discovers that your home was burgled because you left a key out, it will almost certainly invalidate your home insurance policy too. 

If you’re happy for anyone to have access to your home in your absence, do the sensible thing and get a key cut for them, giving it to them in person.

Get secure windows and doors fitted

To get into your home, it will be your windows and doors that will be the chief target for a thief. 

Go and test out your windows and doors. Lock them and then apply a bit of force to them. If you detect any movement, they’re offering insufficient security. 

If you still have single glazed windows and doors, the glass will be removable from the outside, which is also an open invitation for theft. 

Invest in a window and door upgrade, purchasing double or triple glazed windows that are internally glazed and include a multi-point lock, amongst other secure components.

Bon Accord can attend to any window and door requirements you have. Just arrange for a FREE quote to be sent to you.

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