3 Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Home For Winter

We’ve very much become accustomed to spending lots of time at home this year, so seeing some more of our homes over the winter won’t make too much of a difference to our lives. 

Try and enjoy it, which you undoubtedly will if you love your living space. The next few months indoors will pass far more quickly if you are active at home, such as making some much-needed improvements to the place to stay stimulated. 

You could take on all sorts of jobs, but don’t overburden yourself. Call in help from the experts, and just stick to projects that will especially enhance home living in winter, like these three recommendations:

Update your flooring with new, thick carpets

Placing your feet on a brand-new carpet is such a comforting sensation, and it brings a pleasant new odour to rooms. 

A nice, thick carpet is a winner in winter, and request the addition of extra underlay so that you get even more warmth from it when walking barefoot. 

Not many people realise that thick carpets actually help to retain heat in rooms, and by doing so, keep heating costs down. So that it stays spotlessly clean, insist on shoes being removed before anyone enters the house.

Alter the look of a room with a repaint

Sitting amongst the same four walls for so long may have made you realise that a room or two could do with a revamp, and repainting them could be enough.

Wait for a day when it’s dry outside so that windows can be left open, and to speed up the process, give other family members a paintbrush and set of overalls. 

Stay away from very dark colours, and pick something cheery, for example, a bright burgundy or soothing orange finish. You can also use artwork, fabrics and furniture to inject a new colour into a space.

Invest in energy efficient windows & doors

Your energy bills may have started to slowly creep up in price, and you don’t want them to be too expensive when the weather gets really cold, not when Christmas can cost a fortune anyway!

To avoid this financially damaging scenario, have energy efficient windows and doors installed with a high energy rating. 

You really can save a huge amount of money by committing to a window and door upgrade. To get an idea of what the saving could be, try out the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator. They will warm up your home too.

It’s very much business as usual at Bon Accord if you need new windows and doors for the winter. So don’t hesitate to ask for a FREE quote.

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