Home Trends To Know In 2022

Home Trends For 2022

There’s something about New Year that makes us want to throw out the old and embrace the new.

Therefore, January is the ideal time to spruce up your home by taking note of this year’s emerging trends.

But don’t worry, Bon Accord has you covered with our favourite colours of the year and interior design trends so you can be confident your home is ready for 2022.

Multi-functional spaces

Working from home continues to be a constant in many people’s lives and so you may have already transformed a spare bedroom into a home office.

In 2022, homes should work even harder to help us be entirely self-sufficient in our needs. 

Perhaps your guest room doubles up as a yoga studio, your dining room is a great place for a wine cabinet, and your conservatory makes a great conference room during the day and a perfect place to socialise in the evenings. In 2022, your home should work for you and your lifestyle.

Multi-functional spaces in homes

Grandmillennial style

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that homes should be a source of comfort for their owners. And there’s nothing more comforting than our grandparents’ house!

Grandmillennial style brings a joyful, traditional style into contemporary homes, with photo frames of loved ones, meaningful knick-knacks from our travels and prints that express our moods.  

The emerging style is a rejection of the beige, bland homes that so often clog up our Instagram feeds, as it seeks to bring individuality back into our homes.

Grandmillennial style homes

White is out

All white kitchens and other decor were recently seen as trendy, but now there feels something cold and clinical about the lack of pigment in our homes. 

2022 is the time to experiment with earthy tones of brown, green and other colours found in nature to promote calm and tranquility in the home. 

Pantone recently announced their Colour of the Year as “Very Peri”, the bold blue hue with violet undertones. Expect to see this vibrant shade on furniture and decor this year.

2022 Home Colours

Download Bon Accord’s brochure here for more inspiration on how to make 2022 trends work for you and your home.

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