4 Sales Tactics To Be Aware Of When Buying Windows

Compared to the 80’s and 90’s, the window industry of the 2020’s has a much-enhanced reputation, but you may still be fearful of being ‘ripped-off’ when buying new windows for your home.

Replacement UPVC Windows

The existence of various industry bodies minimises the risk of that happening. Bon Accord Glass is a member of several of them, including the Glass and Glazing Federation, the Conservatory Association and the Federation of Master Builders

We can’t deny though that there remains a tiny number of salespersons locally and nationally using underhand sales tactics to acquire custom.

You will recognise one of them if they employ any of these 4 strategies:

  1. Price Conditioning

When a salesperson tries to get you to reveal what you are willing to pay and what your budget is, prior to giving you a price or quote, they may be using a technique called Price Conditioning.

It’s because they want to be able to create a price expectation and come up with a figure, they think will persuade you to shake hands and sign a contract.

In reality, you should be listened to and given a price or quote based on your requirements.

  1. False Discounts

The very mention of the word ‘discount’ is usually enough to make your ears prick up but be wary of when a salesperson offers you a one-day only discount.

This false discount is designed to stop you from walking away and getting quotes from other companies, making you believe that you’re getting a once-in-a-lifetime offer that you must agree to right away or miss out on.

It may not actually be that good of a deal and prove to be all smoke and mirrors!

  1. Large Price Drops

To see what sort of reaction they get from you, a salesperson may quote you with an inflated price.

The dream scenario for them will be you recoiling in horror as it means that when they then agree to significantly bring the price down, you will be relieved and believe you’re receiving fantastic value for money.

A reputable salesperson won’t do that, informing you of the best price very early on and sticking to it.

  1. Belittling Competitors

You can do your own background research on the various window suppliers in your area. You don’t need a salesperson to be putting them all down and telling you to avoid using them.

In any case, shouldn’t they be concentrating on communicating the benefits of what their company can offer, rather than being hellbent on telling you what others reputedly can’t do?

We believe so, that’s why Bon Accord refrain from giving an opinion on rival firms and just focus on telling customers what makes us so great.


One last piece of advice we have is to stick to a regional company for your new windows. Read our Helpful Guide to find out why.







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