Are You Allowed To Fit A Porch Without Planning Permission?

Porches are a bit of an unsung hero amongst the many other home enhancing products that are available. 

Brick Porch

A UPVC or brick porch can completely change the face of a house, make it far more secure, add depth and provide the postman with a place to leave your deliveries. 

It will come as news to lots of people that porches can sometimes be subject to planning permission as they may only expect it to be necessary for the addition of a large extension.

Very often, planning permission isn’t required for UPVC and brick porches, but there are exceptions. 

For clarity, a porch that falls under Permitted Development Rights, does NOT need planning permission, so you therefore don’t have to submit a planning application to your local authority. 

To comply with Permitted Development Rights, the porch has to satisfy the following rules: 

  • its footprint (the total floor area it takes up) is no greater than 3 square metres
  • there’s at least 2 metres between the edge of the porch and any boundary facing a road
  • it isn’t taller than 3 metres
  • it isn’t within a conservation area

However, even if you believe your porch meets the criteria to be categorised as a Permitted Development, there is no harm in getting official confirmation from the relevant planning department before any work starts. 

If it turns out that you do need planning permission, you can organise your planning application via the website

When speaking to your local authority, find out if there are any other approvals that need to be obtained prior to having a new porch being integrated into your property – they will always happily advise you. 

There’s little or no hard work on your part in relation to obtaining planning permission and any additional approvals if you put Bon Accord in charge of your porch project. 

We’ll do all the organising on your behalf and ensure the final installation doesn’t flout the rules. 

You can read more about our fabulous porch range here.

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