Timber Windows And Doors Without The Headaches At Bon Accord

Wooden windows and doors have a bad reputation amongst some homeowners, who associate them with things like rotting, warping etc. and know they have to be committed to regularly maintaining them. 

The natural characteristics of wood do though give timber-built windows and doors a slight aesthetic edge over some rival window and door materials. 

If only you could have timber windows and doors that can largely resist weathering and keep their appearance without frequent upkeep. 

Well you can and Bon Accord is the place to get them. 

Our timber window and door collections are both manufactured from sustainable sources, as part of our determination to put the environment first, and will give you that unmistakable wood-look with various modern benefits. 

One of those benefits, you will be very pleased to know, is low-maintenance. You therefore won’t find yourself having to touch up their finish every few months or repair the frames. In other words, they won’t become ugly and become a pain. 

They perform far better than any traditional windows and doors could ever perform too, giving you added security and added warmth, making for a safer home to live in and one that doesn’t cost you a fortune to heat. 

The windows come in casement, sash and tilt and turn styles, with entrance doors, patio doors, French doors and bi-folding doors making up our fantastic suite of wooden doors. Both collections come in hardwood, oak and rosewood. 

Many Scottish homes still have their original wooden windows and doors, and these would make for the perfect replacements, whilst also making you re-evaluate your opinion on them. 

If we’ve now got you firmly on-board with wooden windows and doors and you would like to see them installed at your property, let us price them up. Just request a quote to make that possible.

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