3 Ways Of Updating Your Old Porch

The presence of a porch in your home’s entranceway can make it stand out far more than most porch-less properties. It’s worth reminding yourself of that if your porch has started to look dated as an unappealing porch could be bringing the whole appearance of your house down.

Entrance Porch in UPVC Rosewood

Structurally, the porch may be absolutely fine, but other factors are spoiling what was once an attractive UPVC, aluminium or timber single-storey structure.

However, you can soon get it back in prime condition again by carrying out all, or any, of the following three updates…

Install a solid roof

Firstly, it needs to be determined whether the porch can take the weight of a new roofing system, and you need the relevant permissions to exchange your old roof for a solid roof. Only then can you fit a solid roof.

A solid roof consists of realistic lightweight tiles / slates in an authentic finish that will beautifully merge the porch with your home and prevent cold air taking over the invaluable space it provides.

Declutter the inside

If you have lived in your home for a particularly lengthy period of time, chances are that your porch is full of ‘stuff’. We get used to depositing shoes, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas in our porches, and a lot of these items end up sitting in there forever unused.

Take some time to see what can, and can’t be, thrown away or donated to help make your porch interior neat and tidy again.

Add some flowery colour

Don’t leave your porch plain on the inside. To introduce some colour into it, and make it smell good at the same time, fill it with flowers.

Perhaps invest in some shelving so that you can put potted pansies, polyanthus, snowdrop or dwarf daffs on full display. For extra colour on the outside, a planter will instantly attract the attention of people and add vibrancy.


If you don’t have a porch, but you’d like one, click here to find out how you can treat your home to the perfect porch with Bon Accord Glass.  

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