The Inside Track On French, Patio And Bi-Folding Doors

We’ve all eagerly anticipated it and now the waiting is finally over – yes, summer has arrived!

French Doors with Georgian Bar

You’ve got to bask in that beautiful sunshine and you probably won’t need much encouragement to do that in your garden when it’s hot and beating down.

But if you do, a set of French, patio or bi-folding doors should give you sufficient encouragement to swap the indoors for the outdoors.

Any of these stunning glazed doors could occupy the space between your house or garden, which one would you choose though?

If you’re not sure, read on and it might just help you decide.

French Doors

They’re called ‘French’ doors as they were originally developed in France during the French renaissance.

Coming as a pair, French doors have identical glass panes that make up the majority of their design and can be individually or collectively opened outwards.

You find them in most continental homes, but they’re getting big in Britain too as their opening can make an interior feel more spacious, which is a blessing if you live in a smallish home.

Patio Doors

Your standard patio door will have two panels, but you can now get triple track patio doors. Rather than open outwards or inwards, you open them by sliding one of the panes behind the other/s, so you can place furniture next to the doors without it causing any infringement.

Access is just one of its main selling-points. Another is the view that you can gain from a patio door as a contemporary patio door will have minimal framework and a wealth of glass.

Don’t be shocked if you regularly find yourself just standing or sitting there gazing through the glass.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are just a joy to behold. The first time you see them in action, you’re left mesmerised by how they effortlessly fold open, which they do until they reach the end of the track.

The very smallest of pushes gets them moving and the opening you’re left with is unbelievably vast.

Mostly, we tend to fit the product in an available aperture between a home and garden, but they’re also a great addition into extensions, like conservatories and orangeries.

In our Aberdeen showroom, you can try these doors out for yourself to discover which of them you like the most. Come and give us a visit.

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