Will Triple Glazed Windows Keep Noise Out Of My Home?

We live in such a noisy world nowadays that it’s very easy to get a headache when you’re out and about, but heading indoors into your home doesn’t always help to cure it. If you live nearby a major airport, busy road or train line and your windows are old and only single glazed, chances are that you have the misfortune of hearing much of that external noise, no matter how hard you try to block it out. 

As your windows have aged, little gaps and cavities may have established which will be giving noise several pathways into your living space and single glazing is renowned for offering poor noise insulation. If you have trickle vents, they may also be playing a part in letting noise in.

You can try a number of soundproofing measures to solve the problem, aside from investing in a good pair of earplugs, including using weather-stripping tape, hanging up a thicker set of curtains, fitting secondary glazing to the inside of the windows etc.

Or you could replace the windows for triple glazed windows as triple glazing is reputedly great for noise reduction – but is that necessarily true? The answer is YES when they’re of a sufficient standard and suitably sealed and installed.

When sound from the outside attempts to travel through a triple glazed unit, it weakens as it goes through each layer of glass – the problem with a single glazed unit is that it only has to pass through one layer.

It also helps from a noise reduction point of view when the cavities and glass panes in a triple glazed window are of different thicknesses as they’ll interrupt soundwaves, rather than them being completely the same thickness.

When your triple glazed windows are installed by Bon Accord, they’ll make your home a far more peaceful place to live. Click here to get a full overview of what else our triple glazed windows will offer.






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