How To Make Your Conservatory Useable In Winter

The recent fall in temperatures in the region will be a blow to certain conservatory owners as it means they will not be able to use their extension for a few months.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Old conservatories simply cannot cope with the change in conditions and feel ludicrously cold inside – who wants to spend their time in a place like that?

There are solutions to the problem and we’re not talking about knocking the structure down and building a more thermal efficient replacement! Your current extension can remain standing and offer the necessary comfort you need throughout the winter when you implement these three suggested measures…

Change the roof for a solid one

Any thermal insulation issues could stem from the existing roof system. Most traditional conservatories have very basic glass or polycarbonate roofs and the standard of energy efficiency they offer isn’t sufficient. They can be taken out though and replaced with a custom-made solid roof covering.

Precision fitted, a solid roof is made up of lightweight tiles / slates (you can choose between the two options) and will improve insulation levels no end. These tiles / slates look amazingly similar to authentic tiles / slates and even come in the same traditional colours. When the existing windows and base can be retained and will hold the weight of the new roof, a solid installation will only take a matter of days to complete, causing minimal fuss at your home.

Fit some blinds

Get rid of the bright glare of the sun at the same time as shielding the interior of your extension from the weather by installing a set of blinds. There are all sorts of conservatory blinds (roller, Roman, Venetian etc.) available in every conceivable colour and pattern.

These blinds should be used in a similar fashion to a set of curtains – open them first in the morning and close them as soon as it goes dark.

Cover the floor with some rugs

Depending on the type of conservatory floor you have it might feel cold on your feet during the winter months. Cold feet usually lead to you feeling cold all over.

Buy one or more thick rugs to cover the floor with. If that doesn’t do the trick, explore the possibility of carpeting the flooring, but just be careful not to spill anything on a pale coloured carpet.

Don’t yet own a conservatory but would like one that you know you can use throughout winter and the rest of the year, speak to Bon Accord.



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