National Home Security Month - Is Your Home Secure Enough?

Very few UK-established initiatives communicate a more important message than National Home Security Month which is to remind householders nationwide that they need to take their home security seriously.

Held every October since 2013, this year’s National Home Security Month comes at a time when home burglaries are unfortunately on the rise in the UK – between 2016 and 2017 they have increased by 9%. A further worrying statistic is that burglaries are taking place in this country every 40 seconds!

Those figures should be enough to make every single homeowner reading this blog post check that their home security is as good as it can possibly be.

For that to be the case, you should take all, or at least some, of these courses of action…

Get secure windows and doors fitted

All that stands between your home and a burglar breaking into it are its windows and doors. Are they strong enough and capable of standing firm when extreme force is applied to them? Also, are the locks incorporated into them as reliable as they were at the time of their original fitting? Test them yourself to find out.

Even the slightest bit of movement in the windows and doors when they’re locked is a sign they need replacing. Pick out any window or door design from our extensive range and you’re guaranteed a more secure solution as they’re crafted from resilient materials (UPVC, aluminium etc.) and feature a sophisticated locking mechanism.

Install a burglar alarm

You would think that nearly everyone has a burglar alarm, but that is far from the case. Lock specialists Yale recently conducted a survey and uncovered that a whopping 70% of British homes do not have an alarm system.

It’s an absolute no-brainer to fit an alarm as the din it causes when detecting an attack will almost certainly prevent a thief taking possession of your belongings. We wouldn’t recommend you try to save money and hoodwink thieves with a dummy alarm system as they very rarely have the desired effect. Keep your hand in your pocket and buy the best alarm you can afford as it’ll be worth its weight in gold.

Never leave a spare key out

We’re all guilty at some point of putting a spare key underneath a pot plant or doormat to enable a family member or friend to access your home in your absence. It’s a huge risk and one that comes back to bite many homeowners.

Instead of taking such a gamble, get a spare key cut for anyone who really needs one and make sure you trust them enough to look after it.

Bon Accord is the best company to turn to for the most secure windows and doors in the North East of Scotland. Ask us to put a FREE quote together for you to get the upper hand on thieves.








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