How Our Timber Windows & Doors Differ From Traditional Timber Windows & Doors

What’s off-putting about traditional timber windows and doors for some people is that they know that wood is very porous and it can easily warp, crack and swell. 

Issues like this make the need for maintenance a frequent thing, and who has the time nowadays to be treating their windows and doors, again and again? 

It’s a shame as timber has such a naturally beautiful look. 

Thankfully, at Bon Accord Glass, you can buy timber windows and doors that are largely trouble-free and look just as stylish and sophisticated as a traditional equivalent. 

The first point to make is that the wood used to build these products is sustainably sourced, which is consistent with our eco-friendly thinking. 

If it’s timber windows you’re after, we have hardwood, oak and redwood options available and can supply the following window styles – casement, sash and tilt and turn. 

They’re styled to mimic the appearance of traditional timber windows, but they offer a host of contemporary benefits, aside from being low-maintenance, including superb energy efficiency and first-class security.

Just by looking at our timber windows and doors, you will sense just how much care and attention has gone into the craftsmanship of each product, and also their coloured finish. 

You have no less than 30 different colours to pick from when buying timber windows, and if you can’t find anything to your taste, you can always ask us to colour-match any RAL colour of your choosing. These finishes won’t wash away over time, and the windows only need to be cleaned once in a while. 

Our timber doors look and perform just as impressively, incorporating entrance doors, French doors, patio doors and bi-folding doors. 

To sum up. There really is no contest between our timber-built solutions and traditional timber solutions – our products beat them hands down. 

Attend our Aberdeen showroom to see what makes them so special.

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