Why You Should Buy A Home Extension In Time For Summer

Nobody expected the burst of warm weather that hit the country at the end of last month, but it was much welcomed and almost made it feel like summer had come early.

It may have fast-forwarded your mind to the real arrival of summer and left you contemplating extending your home so that once it’s here you can enjoy it in absolute luxury.  

If that is the case and we were in your shoes, we wouldn’t wait too much longer to order a conservatory or orangery if you expect to have it ready and completed for summer.

You have a number of things to contend with to make it happen and it’s something that cannot be rushed…

Preparing the design takes time

Other than buying your actual home, purchasing a home extension will be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime, so it is crucial that the final extension feels like money well spent.  

An awful lot of thinking has to go into the design as you need to determine what style you want, the choice of material for constructing the extension, what coloured finish will most suit, how it is accessorised and organise the layout in accordance with how you want to use it.

A Bon Accord design consultant will be able to assist with all of this and we will come out to your property to conduct a survey and measure up ahead of the installation. You will probably tinker with the design quite a bit before giving the green light to it.

It might need planning permission

You definitely won’t need to obtain planning permission for the extension if you have Permitted Development Rights. There is a dedicated section about Permitted Development Rights on the Planning Portal website that you can read here.

When Permitted Development Rights do not apply, you will have to submit a planning application to your local planning department and they will look it over and decide whether they’re happy the extension complies with planning laws. You can expect to be waiting around 8-13 weeks for them to come back to you with a decision. Should they reject your plans, you can appeal against it or make adjustments to the design and complete a further application in the hope that it will satisfy them.

You have to adjust to extended living

It might sound like a crazy thing to say, but it may take you a little bit of time to become accustomed to your new extension and get it feeling and looking how you want it to be.

This may involve experimenting with different furniture arrangements or trialling different uses until you come across a lifestyle that you love. Once you’re used to the space, you can then invite others to revel in its surrounds and we can guarantee they’ll go away and wish they had a similar extension themselves.


If money is stopping you from buying a conservatory or orangery right now, have a look at our Special Offers page to find out about our easy payment options.


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