See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“Their workmanship was excellent.” “Staff were punctual, polite, tidy and skilled.” “Excellent job from start to finish”.

The above are three snippets taken from quotes received from three separate customers in just the past month, which are all publicised on our Customer Reviews page, together with several more kind words of appreciation for Bon Accord Glass.

It’s an amazing feeling when a customer takes the time to get in touch, online or via post, to tell you that you did a great job, and thankfully, it’s something we have become accustomed to over the years.

If you know someone in the Aberdeen or surrounding areas that’s had their home improved recently, chances are, it will have been Bon Accord who fitted their new windows, doors or conservatory.

Ask them for their opinion of our work. What they’ll probably tell you is that we are very meticulous in everything we do and provide first-class building quality.

After sitting down with our customers and gaining a proper understanding of exactly what they want, we then go off and create a unique, tailor-made solution that is guaranteed to complement their home.

We also have vast knowledge of the local area and the many varied types of property you come across in this part of the world, and that’s why our products always look so at home in their surroundings.

At the moment, we have a customer recommendation rate of 98%, meaning that 98% of our customers will go out of their way to recommend our services to their family and friends. It’s this word-of-mouth that helps us secure a high proportion of our business, and we hope to improve that 98% figure further over the coming years.


You might be able to help us in our quest to edge closer to that magical 100% mark. We say that because we’re confident you will have an urge to laud our team once we have helped you improve your home. But, firstly, ask for a FREE quote.

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