The Home Improvement Projects That Can Decrease The Value Of Your Home

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

Regular readers of our blog will have hopefully taken away some great ideas from our piece in January about home trends for 2021. 

You can catch-up on what we wrote here

What’s just as important as incorporating on-trend ideas into your home, is to avoid doing anything that will affect its long-term value. 

Though you may have no plans to move anytime soon, circumstances change, and you don’t want to be left with a house that’s poorly valued and difficult to sell in the future. 

Whenever you do anything think about whether what you’re doing will have wide appeal. 

Here’s 3 examples of projects that we suggest forgetting about:

Reducing the number of bedrooms

Maybe because you have a child who’s gone to University or moved out, you’ve been left with an empty bedroom. You don’t want to lose that bedroom for good though. 

Moving from a e.g. 4-bedroomed house to a 3-bedroomed house will cause a serious depletion in value. 

By all means, use the bedroom for some other reason, but not to the extent where it would be impossible, or very difficult, to turn it back into a sleeping area.


Re-carpeting every room in the house

Tired, old carpets do your home no favours and there are certain marks and stains that are virtually impossible to get out of carpets with shampooing and steaming. 

By all means, put new carpets down in rooms that really need them, but think twice about re-carpeting everywhere as the new carpet may not be to the taste of everyone. 

Lifting and replacing carpet throughout an entire house isn’t cheap, and it could be something that puts off people.

Carpeted area

Removing your lawn

If the lockdown restrictions extend into the spring, we’ll all once again be very reliant on our gardens for breathing space. 

When you find gardening too much of a chore, don’t be tempted to have your lawn taken out or give it a tarmac covering. Keep it, as greenery is always well appreciated. 

What you could do to minimise the need for lawn maintenance is to invest in artificial grass. Some of it’s so realistic that it’s difficult to tell the difference between fake and genuine grass.

Garden swing

To give you some examples of what you should be looking to do, have a look at our Inspiration page. All of the projects featured incorporate products from the Bon Accord range.

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