How To Put A Stop To Condensation In Your Home

Once your windows start to get condensation on them, it becomes an almost daily occurrence during the wintertime.

Double Glazing

Condensation makes windows look so ugly, and when you do nothing about it, you invite mould and damp to form, which can both affect your health and cause structural damage.

It’s a problem that needs to be tackled and the first way of solving it is to improve your home’s ventilation.

Having good ventilation is important as it’s the build-up of moisture in our homes that triggers condensation.

Moisture is generated when you have your heating switched on and when cooking food and taking a hot shower. Unless you have extractor fans, vents or open a few windows, this moisture cannot escape and it’s when it hits the cold glass surface of a window that it turns into those unsightly water droplets.

The other thing you should do is change your single-glazed windows for energy efficient double-glazed windows.

Double-glazed windows have a warmer profile and aren’t as cold as single-glazed windows, so they’re far less likely to be covered in internal condensation every winter’s morning.

Just so you know before you go out and buy some, occasionally, energy efficient windows can get external condensation.

This will normally occur in early spring or autumn when the Dew Point is particularly high, and the outdoor temperature quickly shifts.

It won’t be present for long though.

A bit of sunlight or a slight breeze will fast make it disperse, and any way, external condensation is a good sign as it shows that the windows are providing the standard of insulation they’re supposed to.


This blog post from Bon Accord should give you enough info to kill off condensation, but we go into a little bit more detail about it in our Helpful Guide.

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