Are Your Windows Coming Off Worst To The Winter Weather?

We’re still several weeks away from the official start of winter and Britain is already being battered by strong winds and lashing rain, with temperatures rapidly plummeting, day by day. 

Winter Conservatory

Weather like this encourages us all to spend more time at home at every chance we get, as who wants to step out and get cold and sodden?

But, what if your windows are failing to keep the conditions out?

You expect your windows to deliver nothing but warmth in winter, but they’re unlikely to do that if they’re especially old and single glazed – all you’ll feel is chilly draughts coming in.

Instead of being reduced to wearing your thermals, woolly hat and scarf indoors whilst watching the winter programming on TV, guarantee yourself some home comfort with our thermally efficient UPVC, aluminium or timber windows.

Available double or triple glazed, in the most classic window styles, they will brilliantly warm up your living space by using every ounce of heat produced by your boiler to the maximum. 

A newly installed set of windows from Bon Accord will also prove advantageous for various other reasons:

Cheaper fuel bills

Overusing your boiler can really hit your finances hard. Your energy costs will be far more expensive than they should be as energy efficient windows will do a better job of retaining warmth. 

When a comfortable internal temperature has been reached, there will be periods when you can completely switch off your heating, which will lead to much cheaper fuel bills in the future.

They will silence noise

The weather isn’t the only thing that will be shut out – noise will be shut out too.

Bon Accord will come up with a window specification that experly combats noise so that you hear far less of the din generated by outdoor traffic or passers-by when seeking to peacefully unwind indoors. 

Heightened security

You can’t always have someone in the house. With an increased threat of burglary in winter, you need to be certain that your windows will be capable of repelling any attempt made to force them open when there’s nobody home.

Our windows will fill you with confidence on that score because the multi-point locking mechanism keeps the windows firmly fixed shut when locked, and it’s impossible to remove the glass from the outside.


If you’re quick, you can have new energy efficient windows fitted in time for Christmas**, so request a Priority Quote here without delay. 


**Christmas installation is only available for a limited period and maybe subject planning and weather conditions – hurry to secure your installation date.


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