The Benefits Of A Sunroom

The very name ‘sunroom’ tells you that you can expect this form of home extension to be filled with sunshine during daylight hours. 

If you don’t know what a sunroom is and how it differs to other extensions, the best way to describe it is to tell you that it has some of the same design elements of a traditional conservatory, whilst offering the warmth and comfort of a modern extension. 

Some of our sunrooms are built from scratch, but we also often convert old conservatories into sunroom spaces. 

In either case, we ensure that they blend in beautifully into existing properties and make for a natural extension of them. 

How and why would a sunroom benefit your family? Bon Accord can explain that:


The space provided by a sunroom can be used pretty much however you like. 

It could be a breakfast room where you take in your garden scenery whilst eating your toast at the start of each day, or how about saving on gym membership and making it an exercise room. You will be able to get lots of your fitness equipment in there. 

Mood boosting

We know that exposure to the sun is great for our health. 

Those UV rays that are emitted will help your immune system, provide you with vital Vitamin D, and make you feel fantastic, inside and out. 

Just a little time spent in a sunroom will put a big spring in your step and leave you in the best possible mood.

Gorgeous views

The design and configuration of a sunroom will deliver you with a stunning view of your garden, which will soften the blow of the weather preventing you from going outside and enjoying your outdoor space. 

You put in a lot of hard work when gardening, so it’s nice to be able to admire your hard work from what will be one of the most special spots in the house. 

If you are sold on a sunroom, guidance is given on the sunrooms product page of our website about planning permission and building regulations, amongst other information.

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