How To Keep The Cost Of Your Energy Bills Down This Winter

Last week it came out that UK household energy debt has surged by 24 per cent over the past year with over 3 million homes owing money to their gas and electricity suppliers – this equates to £400 million. It’s a frightening statistic as summer 2018 was one of the hottest on record and you would have anticipated this to leave most householders in credit not in deficit.

It’s perhaps not all that surprising though when you consider just how much the cost of household energy has risen in recent years and fuel costs are only expected to continue going up.

So that you can suitably heat your home this winter without counting the cost afterwards, take these three energy-saving steps…

Find a cheaper energy package

You certainly won’t be rewarded for remaining loyal to your long-standing energy supplier. Make sure you’re on the best energy tariff by inputting your current gas and electricity usage into a comparison site – first-time switchers can around £300 a year.

A fixed-rate tariff may suit you best if you want to be safeguarded against price increases and once it expires after one or two years, just switch again, otherwise they will likely just shift you onto their standard variable tariff.

Be shrewder with your heating

Is there any reason to have the radiators turned on throughout the entire house? Any empty spare bedroom definitely doesn’t need heating up if you have no-one coming to stay.

Just keep the heating limited to the rooms you use most frequently e.g. living room, kitchen, master bedroom to keep warm and keep heating costs down.

Fit energy efficient windows & doors

When a home feels cold inside it’s largely because the existing windows and doors offer poor insulation – cold air from the outside and hot air from the inside can easily creep through any gaps in their frames.

Modern double and triple glazed windows and doors provide far greater thermal insulation and have high energy ratings, so they’ll keep the elements out and excel when it comes to heat retention – heat loss will be a fraction of what it was.

If your North East of Scotland home could do with a brand new set of thermally efficient windows and doors this winter, get a FREE quote for them now from Bon Accord.



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