Need A Replacement Flat Roof? Bon Accord Can Fix One For You

Flat roofs can be found on a lot of Scottish garages and extensions.

If you have one somewhere at home and it’s a particularly old flat roof dating back to the 70s, 80s or 90s, chances are that it offers poor insulation, might have started leaking and needs replacing.

Bon Accord is an experienced provider of flat roof replacements for outbuildings and large structures. Our Polyroof systems are made from a hard-wearing material and come in a wide selection of coloured finishes.

Prior to fitting a new flat roof, we can take care of safely stripping out the old roof and replacing any ageing timbers. When stripping the old roof proves too difficult, the Polyroof can easily be fitted over it.

It won’t cost you a fortune to invest in a new flat roof and will be far more cost-effective than, so to speak, papering over the cracks of your existing flat roof as the same old problems are almost certain to reoccur. We can fit one pretty quickly too as accessibility to a flat roof is much less complicated than accessing a sloped roof. Simple accessibility also comes in useful for cleaning any associated guttering.

Though we call them ‘flat’ roofs there is a slight pitch to the flat roofs we install, not that you would notice as we’re only talking about a pitch of a degree or two. This pitching is necessary as it enables rainwater to drain from the roof and avoids any potential water damage in the future, the very thing you could well be looking to resolve.

Once we’ve sorted you out with a new flat roof, you can rely on it to remain in good condition for at least 20 years, the length of the guarantee that comes with it.

Fed up of your flat roof failing your home? There’s only one place to come for a quality replacement. Get a FREE quote for a new flat roof here.  

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